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segunda-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2013

The Farce " Trophy Promises " read : GOD'S PEOPLE SOLD PRICE OF A BANANA By Paul and Vera Smith in " An alien in the World "

The Farce " Trophy Promises "
By Paul and Vera Smith in " An alien in the World "

" And there were also people from the false prophets , as among you also there will be false teachers , who secretly bring in damnable heresies , even denying the Lord that bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction . And many shall follow their pernicious ways , by which will be blasphemed the way of truth . And through covetousness will exploit you with deceptive words ; . Upon which now of a long time will not be delayed sentence , and their damnation slumbers not " - 2 Peter 2:1-3
This year, Globo ( by Geo Events , one of his companies ) promoted the gospel concert Promises Festival in São Paulo , on account of the failure of the public in the previous edition in Rio de Janeiro . Apparently the strategy worked because the river had 20,000 people in Sao Paulo and about 100 thousand.
But it is beautiful ! Globo is being used by God to the Word reaches the homes of millions of Brazilians !
Will ?
So us reason (although , as evangelicals , many have lost this ability , because of the fear generated by the threats of curse to those who do not obey blindly to be-a -bah of the maximum leader of his name):
Since forever , Globo conveys Catholic propaganda . Reports on religious holidays , washing steps of the church of the Lord of Bonfim , the festivities in Aparecida do Norte, the beautiful carpets of sawdust and other materials that bring religious drawings during the Corpus Christ , celebrations of Christmas and Easter are great etc. . Out propaganda in global programs , and the latest is the novel of 9 , where the protagonist is a faithful follower of St. George of Cappadocia . And what we see ? The number of those who call themselves Catholics decreasing year after year .
Occasionally , the Globe also makes Kardecist Spiritualist propaganda. Whether through novels like " The Journey " , or more recently of the novel 6 " Written in the Stars " , or even through the various films as " Our Home" and " Chico Xavier " . Nor do we see the growing number of spiritualists , although these films and novels have great hearing.
Not to mention the advertisements of african - Brazilian religions , through filming of offerings to Yemanja and other religious events .
And you know why these religions are advertised in the Globe , but no conversions to them ? Because the globe is a master at distorting reality . So , turns what is sacred to some something entirely devoid of spiritual meaning . The feasts , dances , rites become in the global small screen , mere folkloric performances , good for attracting tourists to the Brazilian cities and to show a Brazil full of cheerful, happy and superstitious people, in spite of everything .
And why show a largely happy people? For whoever is happy will not want to change their situation . Thus , the important is to be happy and I 'm happy, do not care about the corruption scandals , with increasing violence , with politicians and religious evil . How happy I am and all is well so leave alone ( even with Globo Brazil leading the behind the scenes ) .
Thus , it is an illusion to think that a little program one hour you can get people to come to know Jesus and accept Him (this considering that the songs will all be Christ-centered , which is usually not the case - the last Promises had songs to put up with " beautiful and profound " letters such as Taste of Honey Damares ) .
The Festival promises when aired on Globo , just show another face of the Brazilian people , people who laugh when you should cry, which has good musicality that has their beliefs and live in peace and harmony with all peoples : the myth of the good Brazilian, folk and hospitable , whether Catholic , evangelical or spiritualist . Yes , the characters instead of us , meanwhile ( very ) render money.
Globo depends to captivate the audience , anyway there are other tv stations on your heels. The larger the audience , the higher the price charged in the placement of advertising during programming . For the schedule of this year's Festival promises Globo is charging $ 79,600 for just 30 seconds! But are several advertisements in this one hour $ how , then do the math and answer honestly :
The Festival Promises was really " free " ? Because this was one of the claims of those who were there to say that the Globe was helping evangelicals ...
And it's not just that . It has been said in another article about breaking bargaining agreement between EBF and Rede Globo , caused because the Globe decided to create his own International Fair " Christian " , who openly will challenge Expocristã , the latter organized by the EBF . If the EBF has at least called Christian people involved , Geo Events Globo even that. Consider the goal of Geo , according to the About Us link on the site :
" The GEO is the platform event Globo Organizations . We have the DNA of one of the largest media groups in the world , the Brazilian people know better than anyone and we work with a standard of quality that you already know. We create opportunity for people to meet , connect and have fun .
Whether through sports , music or business meetings , our job is to make people enjoy the most special moments of their lives and are increasingly happy , live . After all, life is always better live . "
Someone read something about Jesus and God ? If you have read, please show me where . Now I read about fun and entertainment , about making people happy (at least during the time when watching programs ) . I read about a company that wants to provide happiness according to the world, that this will continue manipulating and ruling no one will offer resistance. But how is happiness according to Jesus ?
" When Jesus saw the crowds , he went up a mountain, and sat down , came to him the disciples ;
And opened his mouth and taught them , saying :
Blessed are the poor in spirit , for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ;
Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted ;
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth ;
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled ;
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy ;
Blessed are the pure in heart , for they shall see God ;
Blessed are the peacemakers , for they shall be called children of God ;
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake , for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ;
Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me .
Rejoice and be glad , because great is your reward in Heaven . Because they persecuted the prophets who were before you " - Matthew 5:1-12
Happiness according to Christianity have anything " Globo standard quality " . True happiness consists of rejoicing even going through major difficulties in his name . Have the Global concept of happiness is the world : fun , entertainment , access to the consumer market, search for status and personal wealth ( over others ) . Happiness according to the Globe is losing all of our time in front of the TV or computer , for not having time for other things, like studying the Word and prayer.
But back to this FIC ( Christian International Fair ) . See the video below ( 2 minutes) and understand how Globo sees evangelicals :

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